Spotify Stack Suite

The Spotify Stack Suite features 3 Stacks allowing you to easily embed songs and playlists from Spotify on your website using beautiful widgets. The first Stack called Spotify Player lets you embed an individual song on your website. All you need to do is to drag the stack from the Suite to a free place on your Stacks site, after that you need to enter the Song ID from Spotify to display the song. You also got the chance to customize the players width and height dimensions.

The second Stack called Spotify Playlist allows you to embed a beautiful Spotify playlist on your website, simply drag the Stack to your Stacks site and enter the Playlist URL you would like to embed and you're all set. Customizing width and height is also featured. The playlist widget can display a simple list view or a beautiful coverflow by using the official and individual Covers from Spotify of the songs.

The third Stack called Spotify Trackset lets you embed a custom playlist on your website without the need to create a playlist in Spotify itself. All you need to do is to drag the Stack to your Stacks site and enter up to 10 different Song URLs in the settings HUD which will create a dynamic and custom collection of songs that will be displayed in a simple list view or using Coverflow technology. You also have the chance to name your personal trackset, this title will be displayed at the top of the widget.

The Spotify Stack Suite works fantastic with every kind of stack you use on your sites, even third party stacks from other developers are fully supported.

The Spotify Stacks Suite screencasts shows you all the features of the 3 stacks that ship with this suite, you may want to view it to get started in no time.