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Hearts 2

What’s New in Version 2?

  • added the option to customise up to five different colors for the hearts.
  • added the Sparkle Update Framework, to make updating Stacks faster, more reliable and secure.
  • fixed some bugs and did some overall enhancements to the Stack.

Ever wished you could display some sweet, red hearts on your website which are also falling down your screen? Well now you can! Decorate your website for valentines day, make your loved ones a beautiful website or let your mother know that you love her on mothers day!

To make the Stack work, simply drag’n’drop the Stack to anywhere on your Stacks page. You can, of course, play around with the Stacks customization options, such like changing the amount of hearts, the speed, the size or even the symbol (you can display something else than the heart).

And the best thing: it doesn’t slow down your website, because we didn’t make use of images, gifs or videos - it’s just simple text and some nifty Javascript which is being displayed on your site, so nothing to worry about!

Compatibility Notice: Hearts 2 is not guaranteed to work in combination with each and every other 3rd party Stack, Theme and/or plugin on your RapidWeaver website. We also require at least Stacks v.3.x and RapidWeaver 6.x and/or 7.x to make the Stack work. Please keep that in mind before purchasing, since refunds are not possible.