Stunning Stacks for passionate RapidWeaver users

Thank you for this amazing year!

2015 has been our strongest year by far and we’re so excited about that. But, of course, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without your amazing support - we’re so thankful for that!

You guided us through the year by telling us which kind of Stacks you’d like to see or get updated throughout the year. You helped us create our website redesign and gave us a lot of feedback.

We also have to say thank you to the creators of the all-mighty and powerful Stacks plugin, which makes our RapidWeaver pages so much better and less confusing. With the release of version 3 this year we managed to re-built the majority of our existing Stacks to match the new features of Stacks 3.
We’ll start the next year with the work on the rest of our Stacks that still require an upgrade, so stay tuned for that.

We’ve also introduced our very first mobile App, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, giving you the latest news about our work and even more exciting stuff. Due to popular demand we’ve built a freebies area, where you can download older versions of our Stacks that are no longer supported but are still working fine in most cases.

Our second shout-out goes to the guys at Realmac Software who made RapidWeaver 6 even better this year with a lot of exciting and useful updates. These handsome guys also revealed a new home for RapidWeaver Add-Ons: the RapidWeaver Community, allowing 3rd party developers to showcase their work to RapidWeaver users from all over the world.

Certainly we don’t know what 2016 has to offer, but we’ll definitely continue with our work on a secret project which we would really like to reveal in the coming months.

In other words, thanks to all of you for your great support. We wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and friends as well as a Happy New Year. See you soon!


Important Changes to old Stack versions

With the recent release of Stacks 3 we’ve updated some of our existing Stacks to work with the new version, however these are made exclusively for Stacks 3 and won’t work with Stacks 2. We’ve received a fair amount of support tickets about customers who’re still using Stacks 2 asking us to support backward compatibility for our updated Stacks.

Unfortunately this is technically impossible - but we’ve made the old versions of our Stacks available in our Freebies section, so you can download them for free. However, you should note that these freebies are no longer supported, we won’t be answering support tickets about them. Take and use them in their current state because they will no longer receive updates. We’re also not responsible for any damage they could cause to your RapidWeaver project or website.

Due to these changes we’ve also pulled the old versions of our store - you’ll no longer be able to purchase them.

If you should have purchased an old Stack today or one week before the post of this blog entry you’re eligible for refunds, please refer to our support team if this should be your case.

Thanks for your understanding!



RWtuts Redesign: Overview

RWtuts redesigned and overhauled from scratch

When we launched RWtuts in 2011 we picked a site designed that was accurate at that time. Since design principals are always changing like technology and fashion the time has finally come to go for a new site design in 2015 – this has been one of our big secret projects we announced at the beginning of this year. We redesigned RWtuts from scratch, but we kept our basic structure so you'll easily navigate on it like you did before.

Please let me explain what has changed:

First of all we completely removed our Shop site since it was outdated and overloaded with the fair amount of products that accumulated throughout the years. As a replacement for that we now went for Cartloom Storefront – Cartloom transacts all of our sales and is responsible for sending you your download links and invoice after you placed an order. We really think that Storefront is a very clean and stress-free environment for you to take a look at our products. You can check it out by clicking on "Shop" on our redesigned site to get redirected.

Another change is that we removed product sites of Stacks and Icons that we discontinued a while ago - these were also removed from our Cartloom database.

Right now we jumped over to our next project: SSL encryption of RWtuts. We think that privacy is a very important thing and we want to save yours as much as we want ours to be save. SSL encryptions are pretty hard to set up but we'll dig through this. More about this to come soon.


A Brief Summary Of 2014

I didn't update this blog for nearly two years now, so I decided to make one today – and yes it's Christmas. In this post I'd like to list up my rememberings of the year 2014 at RWtuts. Unfortunately I was pretty unproductive this year – I developed a few Stacks and also designed some Icon Sets, but however that's much less compared to the last two years. Some of you asked me why, so let me explain the reason for that.

A few months ago I just started studying at University of Bamberg in Germany (it's next to Nuremberg, so I'm actually based in southern Germany right now). The disciplines I picked at university are pretty intensive. This needs a lot of effort and my time, unfortunately, is very limited. Studying comes at first place in my priority list, making it nearly impossible for me to concentrate on development, design, production, marketing and customer support. Whenever I'm able to arrange some spare time, I really love to spend it on RWtuts.

I received plenty of positive feedback from you over the time, you guys really seem to enjoy my Stacks and Icons and this is what really motivates me to keep this running. A month ago, I introduced RWtuts Pro, the first paid membership. It gets you some exclusive features on RWtuts, such like 2 free Stacks per month, premium priority support, a 30% discount, a Pro Newsletter and even more cool stuff. The intention of the Pro membership isn't just the special features, it's more about donating some bucks to independent, small developers. Customers who purchase the Complete Stacks Bundle or already bought it before are eligible to get a lifetime RWtuts Pro subscription for free – the actual reason for doing this is that I want to give something back to my customers at no charge, I'm satisfied when you're.

Some of you also asked me about future plans – what do I plan to release in 2015? Do I even work on something completely and revolutionary?
The answer is simple, I'm working on cool stuff but unfortunately I'm not able to announce anything at this time. We'll let you know when we need alpha and beta testers. The only thing I can say is that we're looking forward to a change of our site design. The one we're currently using is neat, but it got pretty much outdated in the years and we want to shine in new splendor.

Also please don't forget our Christmas Sale: everything is 50% off during the holidays – if you couldn't find a suitable gift yet and have a friend or family member who is thrilled by webdesign and development, we suggest you to get him something from our products. You do not need to enter a discount code during checkout, the 50% will be subtracted from your total. :)

I'll try to keep this blog updated more frequently, but for now I want to wish everyone of you Merry Christmas, nice holidays and Happy New Year 2015!